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TouchPoint Training videos are now available to watch and review at your convenience.

Course 101 – TouchPoint Basics & People Records

All Staff

This course explores the Home Page, two different Navigation Components, and how to access/use Help. This webinar takes a deepdive into a People Record and the People Menu. We also review two different ways to Search for People.

Course 102 – Organizations & Adding A People Record

All Staff (PreReq – 101)

This training looks top-to-bottom at an Organization, Creating an Organization, and two different ways to Search for Organizations. We also review Adding a Person In Context.

Course 103 – Search Builder Basics & Blue Toolbar

All Staff (PreReq: 101, 102)

This training covers one of TouchPoint’s most unique and robust features. We explore Building Searches in Search Builder, Saving Searches, and Accessing Saved Searches. Additionally, we look in-depth at the Blue Toolbar.

Course 301 – Check-In & Attendance

PreReq: 101, 102

We walk through how to set up and use TouchPoint Check-In and how to Record Individual & Headcount Attendance. Additionally, we also look at Adding a Person In Context.

Course 302 – Attendance Reporting

PreReq: 101, 102, 103, 301

This course details Reports associated with Recording Attendance.

Course 401 – Organizations Deep Dive

PreReq: 101, 102

Do you want to learn more about one of the building blocks of TouchPoint? This training focuses on Parent-Child Orgs, Sub-Groups, Copying Organization Settings, and Additional Searching Options related to Organizations.

Course 403 – Small Groups

PreReq: 101, 102, 103, 201, 301

This course focuses on one particular type of Organization–the Small Group. We look at the Small Group FInder, the Members Only Page, and Directories.

Course 404 – Annual Promotion

PreReq: 101, 102

Are you preparing for promotion? We explore the Two Methods for Annual Promotion. You can decide which works best for your church.

Course 801 – Contributions & Adding A People Record

PreReq: 101

This training covers the Basics of Contributions. We Define Terms, Create and Manage Bundles, and Create Funds. We look at Manually Entering Contributions and Adding a Person In Context.

Course 802 – Contribution Reports

PreReq: 101, 102, 103, 801

This course goes hand-in-hand with Contributions; it focuses on the Reports associated with Contributions and other Finance-Related items.