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A – Available
God Servants are available, ready to go when called and ready to do what-ever is asked. Are you available? Can God call you anytime? Are you willing to serve or do you resent interruptions to your plans?

C – Committed
In today’s society, many make commitments and break them without hes-itation or consideration. Many churches and organizations often have to improvise weekly because volunteers don’t prepare, show up, or call out. Can others count on you? Do you keep your promises, complete your tasks, and honor your commitments?

T – Tackles All Tasks
When God gives a task, the size is not important. Jesus did small tasks too: fixed breakfast, washed feet, and served lepers. Is there something that needs to be done, large or small? Rick Warren states, “Great opportunities often disguise themselves in small tasks.” Are you willing to do even the smallest tasks for God?

S – Sees the Need & Serves with Love
The needs of others are often right in front of us, but we are too busy or focused to see them. When we see a need, it is an opportunity to serve and share God’s love. Opportunities come and go and do not last long. Whether small or big, needs and opportunities are all around us. Watch for the opportunities, look for the needs, and serve with love.

Adapted from Day 33 of The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren