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If you were not able to attend worship this morning, or if you want to listen to or watch our message again, be sure to visit our church website. What a great opportunity to share God’s Word with others, too! Messages are usually online by Monday morning. This morning we introduced the concept of alignment through Bible study and worship. Pastor Cade’s message and our Bible studies will be aligned so that you will not receive two separate and disjointed messages. Instead, you will receive reinforced teaching and direction in worship and Sunday School. Alignment does not mean that the worship message and the Bible study are the same, but they are interwoven. How and why alignment works:

  1. Alignment helps families have spiritual conversations. Everyone using the “standard” Bible study plan in our church will be learning the same thing, from birth through adults. Talking about the Bible study throughout the day and week is more natural and simplified. Our “standard” Bible study plan is called The Gospel Project. If your class is not using The Gospel Project, switching is easy. Just contact the church office.
  2. Alignment simplifies regular training and support. When every class is following the same Bible study plan, the need for multiple support and training efforts is eliminated.
  3. Alignment encourages participation from group members and worshipers. When we are all receiving the same reinforced message and Bible study together, we have multiple opportunities to discuss and apply God’s Truths in personal conversations, regardless of which class or group you attend.
  4. Sermon series support our group studies. God creates a synergy among our pastor and our teachers and leaders. Through the weekly message, he supports the study in your class and allows your leaders to go deeper in teaching and discussion. 

If you have any questions, we want to hear from you. God bless you as you grow in His love.