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And the child grew and became strong in spirit, and he was in the wilderness until the day of his public appearance to Israel.
Luke 1:80 ESV

Patience is so hard to learn and practice for many people. Waiting on the Lord is no exception. Waiting requires us to walk through unknowns and uncertainties, and waiting can be emotionally crippling.

What did John do in all those years? All we are told is that he grew up. He became strong in spirit. And he waited. Thirty years! He knew God’s specific will for his life from a very young age, but he had to patiently wait on the Lord before he could walk in that calling. A thirty-year wait would so very painful for most people, and some would give up.

Have you ever consiered how God gives us opportunities to wait on Him? Throughout Scripture, we find examples how those who tried to “help” God with His plans by cutting short any waiting period (see Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 16). When we try to shortcut God’s plans, we bring unwanted grief on ourselves.

But God continues to give us opportunities to wait on His perfect provision and timing, we should work hard to learn to wait on Him. We grow and mature in waiting. We become spiritually strong in waiting. God’s purpose is always good, His grace is always sufficient, and His plan is always on time, whether things seem that way or not.

How do you tend to handle seasons of waiting? With doubt or with confidence? Do you grow in your waiting, or do you wither? In your prayer, ask God to grow your faith, confidence, trust, and knowledge in Him in times He calls you to wait.