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Dear Church Family,

It’s been almost 12 weeks since we have gathered together in person for worship.

From the very beginning of this we have been most concerned about your safety and the safety of our community. We praise God that we have had so few in our church family test positive for this virus. We praise God that we have not seen our local hospital overrun with COVID-19 patients. None of us knew twelve weeks ago how things were going to be today. 

But here we are by God’s grace. The church of Jesus Christ cannot be stopped by a virus or anything else because Jesus Himself promised that He would build His church and that the gates of hell would not prevail against it (Matthew 16:18). We’ve been asked by our governing officials and health specialists to do our part to flatten the curve.  You have done that First Baptist Church on the Square, and you have done so with a Christ-like attitude and a willing spirit. 

The time has come for us to gather together again in person for worship. June 14 is the day that we are reopening our sanctuary. We will have two worship services at the usual times—8:45 and 11:00. There will be no Sunday school classes or Bible groups that will meet at the church on Sunday mornings at this time. There will be no children’s church or nursery for those coming to the worship services. We will sit together as family units with a minimum of six feet between each family. We will do our very best to keep your entire family engaged in the worship service.

In the coming days, we will provide a detailed walk through video and written information so that you can know how it’s going to be when you join us again for in-person worship beginning on June 14. In order for us to offer two worship services and provide for you a safe environment, we need around 40 volunteers for each service—parking lot greeters, door holders, elevator button pushers, and more. We will have training opportunities for you starting next week. Please consider serving one hour and worshiping one hour each Sunday morning. We cannot make these worship services happen at the level of excellence needed without your help.

Contact the church office to let us know you are willing to serve by calling us at 706-884-5631 or by emailing Carol Kilgore at carolk@fbclagrange.org

June 14 is going to be a day that you do not want to miss. God’s people will gather together in the sanctuary. We will sing songs of praise. You will hear God’s Word preached. And together we will feel the presence and power of the Holy Spirit as we glorify the name of Jesus together.  

For those of you who will be out of town and all those who aren’t ready or able yet to gather with us on June 14, you will be able to worship with us online at fbclagrange.online.church, on our church’s Facebook page, and on TV-33.  Thank you for your continued support, prayers, and encouragement.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Cade Farris