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Are We Growing?

With the advent of COVID, so many things have changed for our church, but our mission and heartbeat have not changed. We are still committed to helping individuals have a relationship with God, grow in Christ’s likeness, serve with their gifts, and share the love of Christ. How we do that has changed. Our delivery systems are different. We’ve done VBS and Sunday school differently, and now we are going to do the Evangel a little differently as well.  We will be posting blogs of articles and will combine them into a printed publication for those who would like to pick it up or download all the articles at one time.

The Evangel exists to inform you of ministry and mission activities that help our church fulfill our mission to make disciples. We always encourage members to grow closer to God and to one another in Bible study, prayer, and fellowship, but often, many Christians don’t know how or where to start. The focus of this edition is how to grow in your walk with the Lord. As we post these articles, please feel free to interact with each another, share what has worked for you, and learn from one another. We will continue to offer resources in this manner to provide opportunities for connection and growth.

I encourage you to commit yourself to connect with God through the methods we share, and also to connect with one another in your discussions. I’m reminded of the old gospel song that says, “If we ever needed the Lord before, we sure do need Him now.” How true, in these days in which we live! Let’s follow Him wholeheartedly.

Growing with you,
Pastor Cade