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On June 19, 2022, First Baptist Church made the monumental decision to enter a season of Revitalization to help us discover and navigate the direction the Lord desires for our church. Over the next twelve to eighteen months, Dr. Rob Peters with Corpus will guide our Vision Team and other leaders in our search for an Intentional Interim Pastor, our future Pastor, and to develop our Mission Strategy, Vision, Annual Plans, and Church Goals. This process is call ReFocus.

Our ReFocus Vision Team

This effort will be led by our ReFocus Vision Team that was appointed by our Deacon Chairman, Steven Ward, and endorsed by our Deacons. The Team members are:

  • Eric Mosley, Chair
  • Jim Arrington
  • Brittany Comerford
  • Marcia Hansen
  • Sylvia Hunger
  • Jana Kinnersley
  • Kenny Moore
  • Don Shaw
  • Bryce Sillyman
  • David Traylor
  • Tami Weissert
  • Jennifer Whitlow

In a few weeks, the members of this team will select the Vision Advisory Team who will be charged with keeping the congregation connected with the Vision Team. More about the Advisory Team will come later.

For now, please be in prayer for our church as we enter into this time of Revitalization as we ReFocus on the purpose to which God has called us. The first meeting of the Vision Team is Sunday, July 31, 2022.