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Our Revitalization Vision Team had three prior meetings totaling about 13 hours of discovery of our church health and strength. The Team looked into many factors, observations, interviews, and statistics to uncover their findings.

Today, the newly formed Advisory Team of 37 people joined the twelve members of the Vision Team to inform them of its work to-date, and ask them to join together in the next phase of research, healing, and moving toward unity. The whole group discussed the initial discoveries of the Vision Team, and the Advisory Team provided invaluable feedback and additional areas for future discussion.

The teams realize the amount of work we face as a church to grow healthier and stronger.

Please pray for the members of the ReFocus Advisory Team who will be working along side the ReFocus Vision Team.

  • Kristen Barnes
  • Jane Bower
  • Carol Bradfield
  • Vann Brannon
  • Lauren Carlisle
  • Sandy Cook
  • Ricky Cook
  • Jessie Cunningham
  • Patrick Davis
  • Jorge Del Angel
  • Kareem Douhne
  • Jared Elder
  • Coleman Foss
  • Pat Graben
  • Angie Martin
  • Mickey McCoy
  • Dennis Montgomery
  • Lisa Moody
  • Lindsay Morris
  • Joanne Morrow
  • Kim Neese
  • Beth Oleson
  • Michael Oleson
  • Jackson Oliver
  • Katie Oxford
  • Audra Partin
  • Tommy Poole
  • Helen Rice
  • Jim Rowe
  • Don Seal
  • Walt Stewart
  • Kathy Tilley
  • Steven Ward
  • Melissa Washam
  • Tommy Whitworth
  • Joan Woodson
  • Gail Woodward

In the near future, everyone will have opportunities to share with the Vision Team and learn about its discoveries. Every church member will have a voice, and every church member is important in this process. We will have town hall meetings to learn. We will also have meetings with every adult and youth Sunday School class for discussion and and feedback, too.

Please pray that we will faithfully follow the Lord’s will through this process of revival in our church.