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We desire that all members stay informed about what we are doing in our Revitalization Process. The purpose of the Revitalization Process is to assess our church and restore its vibrancy, purpose, and health. As we stated in our June 16 email, this process has six steps: Discovery, Convergence, Pyramid, Path, Ladder, and Toolkit.


We have just finished the first step in the process, which was the Discovery. In this step we compiled a ReFocus Team. I am the chairman, and this team includes Jim Arrington, Brittany Comerford, Marcia Hansen, Sylvia Hunter, Jana Kinnersley, Kenny Moore, Don Shaw, Bryce Sillyman, David Traylor, Tami Weissert, and Jennifer Whitlow. This team has used Corpus’ multi-step approach designed to synthesize data and discoveries to evaluate the current state of the church. This team has met for over 17 hours as a group, and each member has individually interviewed five or more persons. The team discussed the information received and compiled a list of Core Discoveries, which includes issues of concern within our church.


We are now beginning the second step in the Revitalization Process. This step is called the Convergence. In this step, an additional committee called the Advisory Team is established to work with the ReFocus Team to identify how to position the church’s ministry for maximum impact while considering church purpose, leadership passion, and community potential.

The ReFocus team asked over 35 individuals to serve on this Advisory Team. The Advisory Team includes Kristen Barnes, Jane Bower, Carol Bradfield, Vann Brannon, Lauren Carlisle, Sandy Cook, Ricky Cook, Jessie Cunningham, Patrick Davis, Jorge DelAngel, Jared Elder, Coleman Foss, Pat Graben, Mickey McCoy, Dennis Montgomery, Lisa Moody, Lindsay Morris, Joanne Morrow, Kim Neese, Beth Oleson, Michael Oleson, Jackson Oliver, Katie Oxford, Tommy Poole, Helen Rice, Jim Rowe, Don Seal, Walt Stewart, Kathy Tilley, Steven Ward, Melissa Washam, Tommy Whitworth, Joan Woodson, and Gail Woodward.

On Sunday, September 11, the Advisory Team met with the ReFocus Team and reviewed the Core Discoveries the ReFocus Team had identified. The Advisory Team asked questions, offered their thoughts and ideas, and mentioned a few concerns not listed. Yesterday, the ReFocus Team met to evaluate the feedback received, finalize the Core Discoveries, and devise a concrete plan to disseminate them to the membership, including sharing them in Sunday morning groups and then listening to members thoughts and answering their questions.


We continue to ask for your patience as we walk through this lengthy process. The Discovery Step took a lot of attention, introspection, and discussion to formulate these initial ideas. After revision, we will be sharing these soon and are interested in what you think. Once the Core Discoveries are shared, please feel free to have a conversation with members of either committee as they will be meeting together in the upcoming months.

As a reminder, once the Convergent Step is completed, we will undergo four more steps in the Revitalization Process. You can learn more about each of these steps here and in the video by Rob Peters, which can be found on the homepage or our website: fbclagrange.org.  

Please continue to pray for our church, the staff, and these committee members as we strive to move forward into the mission and vision God has for us.

In Christ,
Eric Mosley
ReFocus Team Chair