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These are the Core Discovery Principles developed by our ReFocus Vision Team after receiving feedback from interviews and conversations with church members:

As a Church, we acknowledge the difficult experiences of the past and recognize the need for reconciliation with God and one another as we address the following items:

Together, we must clarify our bylaws, doctrinal statement and reaffirm our commitment to the Baptist Faith & Message, 2000.

Together, we must develop a unifying mission, vision, values, and strategy that informs how we carry out the Great Commission.

Together, we need to call a senior pastor and entrust him to lead our church with supportive policies, bylaws, and organizational structures. We need to clarify his responsibility and authority as well as those of the Chairman of Deacons to ensure efficient oversight of ministries.

Together, we acknowledge that all worship services must be planned together to create a unifying Sunday morning worship experience. The members who attend different services, or are of different ages, need to be united together in small groups and service activities that promote unity amongst believers.

Together, we must address the needs of the children and students of the community while teaching them the Word of God.

Together, we must maximize the impact our facilities have in supporting the church’s mission and promoting a welcoming environment.

Together, we must ensure our church remains healthy and vibrant in order to minister to the community for years to come.