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First Baptist Church elected our Pastor Search Committee on Sunday, December 4, 2022. We stand ready to move forward in finding God’s man to shepherd our church into the future.

The Pastor Search Committee will play a crucial role in the direction of our church for many years into the future. These nominees were carefully selected according to the specifications and qualifications of our bylaws to represent the diversity of our congregation, so that, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, all church members have a voice in finding the man God has selected as our next pastor.

Members of the Search Committe

BRENT ADDISON: Brent came through the student ministry at First Baptist and during that time became worship leader at our 11:00 service. Brent continues to use his gifted musical talents in that capacity. He has been a member since 2000. Brent and his wife, Mary, are rearing their three children in our church. Currently, Brent is Director of Operations at Emory Health Care in LaGrange.

CLAIRE BATCHELOR: Claire has been a member of First Baptist since 1987 where she has consistently served in local missions for children for years. Claire is gifted in making the Gospel come alive through storytelling which she consistently uses to reach children for Christ. She is married to Ed and together they have reared their two children in our church to know the Lord Jesus.

SANDY COOK: Sandy and her husband, Russ, came to our church in 2009. She has served as Bible study facilitator in various studies, is a small group discipleship leader, and works with a community Bible study. Russ has served as deacon and is active in Choir and Senior Choir. Their three children and grandchildren are members of our church. Sandy grew up in church with her dad as pastor. Sandy is a retired public school educator.

KARI ANN CUNNINGHAM: Kari Ann, her husband, Jesse, and their three children came to LaGrange due to occupational move. They quickly became involved in Wednesday night Bible Studies and followed by moving their membership here in 2016. Kari Ann is active in children’s ministry and is a small group leader in our Youth Department. Jesse currently serves as an active deacon and is Chairman of our Finance Committee. Kari Ann is a CPA, is homeschooling her children, and serves as Director of Foundations and Essential of Classical Conversations.

COLEMAN FOSS: Coleman currently serves as our Chairman of Personnel Committee, is an active deacon, and is CEO of Wellstar LaGrange. His wife, Amy, is in active leadership of our women’s ministry activities. Coleman and Amy moved here from First Baptist Church of Cleveland, Tennessee and joined our fellowship in 2019.

MIRIAM HOLLER: Being reared as a pastor’s daughter, Miriam’s love for ministering to people both in the church and community began early. Miriam is retired from the Troup County School System as a teacher. She serves with Tuesday’s Table, Circles, our Children’s department and various Bible studies including Explorer’s. Miriam’s husband, J.C., came to First Baptist in 1986 where they reared their two children and J.C. presently serves as a deacon. Their son, Drew, is a graduate of U.S. Military Academy and remains in active service. Their daughter, Allison, is a pharmacist.

BUZZ JETER: A member of First Baptist since 2004, Buzz and his wife, Laura, were active in initiating our Family Advocacy Ministry merging institutions of faith with community in the fostering and adoption of children. They have fostered many children as well as providing direction and Bible studies for parents as well. They have served as leaders in Youth Bible Studies and on many mission trips. They reared their four daughters in church. Buzz currently serves as an active deacon and is a salesman for Kemp’s Carpet.

DENNIS MONTGOMERY: A well-known face of pharmacy, Dennis is employed at Medicine Cabinet. He currently teaches a Bible Study class on Sunday mornings, has served as a deacon, has led numerous Bible Studies and mission trips. He and his wife, Sheryl, joined First Baptist in 2000. They have two sons who came through our Youth Department, one of whom is currently serving Jesus as pastor of First Baptist Church of Greenwood, Mississippi.

RAYMOND MOODY: Raymond and his wife, Jackie, have served our local fellowship in many ways since they came to us in 1981. Raymond has been a deacon for many years and is currently serving on the Building Committee. Raymond and Jackie reared their two sons in this church and both sons and their families remain active in serving the Lord. Jackie is a well-known face and voice in Faithful Hearts. Raymond retired from Batson Cook where he was Construction Executive.

TOMMY POOLE: Tommy and his wife, Joy, came to First Baptist in 2020 from Burnt Hickory Baptist Church in Powder Springs. Tommy is involved in various Bible Studies, mission activities such as Fall Festival and Gift of Love, teaches a Sunday School class, is a member of our Vision Team, and currently serves as By-Laws Committee Chairman. Joy is actively involved in Georgia Baptist Music Ministry, in our women’s ministry, and fills in on piano as needed. Tommy is a business consultant with Fortune 500 companies.

WALT STEWART: A longtime member of First Baptist (since 1973) and well-known orthodontist for 51 years, Walt Stewart is a gifted soul-winner who does not hesitate to share the Gospel. Through the years, Walt has been involved in various Bible studies and various leadership positions within our church. He currently serves as Chairman of Deacons. His wife, Beth, uses her gifted voice in music ministries such as Choir, Senior Choir, and Faithful Hearts. Beth also is a Bible study leader in both church and community studies.

JENNIFER WHITLOW: Jennifer is a recent graduate of Georgia College and State University where she was a leader of her Baptist Student Campus ministries. She is employed by the Association Services Group and has recently become engaged to Luke Walls. Jennifer serves as a member of our Vision Team and is actively involved in women’s outreach Bible Studies on Wednesday nights. She has been a member of First Baptist since 2004 and is the daughter of Doctors John and Donna Whitlow.

SHERRY WISENER: Through the years Sherry has mentored many young women through various church and community Bible studies, discipleship groups, and hospitality at her own home. She serves as greeter, small group leader, and fills in as organist as needed. Her husband, Harold, is an active deacon and together they reared their two sons in God’s church and are enjoying seeing that generational discipline in their grandchildren. Sherry and Harold came to us in 2011.

Please pray daily for each member of our Pastor Search Committee.