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Our Church goal: $25,000

Who is Annie Armstrong?

Annie Armstrong was born in Baltimore at a time when women were not expected to lead. She served, challenged churches to action and rallied support for missionaries. Ultimately, Annie was recognized as a national Southern Baptist trailblazer renowned for visionary missions leadership.

• Started Bay View Mission for Baltimore’s poor and addicted
• Served as the first executive of Woman’s Missionary Union
• Raised support for missionaries to Italian and Jewish immigrants
• Initiated fund-raising “brick cards” to build churches in Cuba
• Gained support for the first black, female missionaries
• Secured funds to relieve China missionary, Lottie Moon, who had
served for 11 years without a furlough
• Advocated for Native Americans and impoverished mountain people
• Traveled across America in the late 1800s encouraging missionaries
and inspiring churches to pray, give and act
• Honored in 1934 when The Home Missions Offering was re-named
for her to encourage more to follow her sacrificial example

Who Does this Offering Support?

FBC and other churches are the fuel that enables thousands of missionaries to be sent, to plant churches and to serve the needs of people who desperately need a gospel witness.
— Support more than 2,400 missionaries and their families.
— Enable hundreds of churches to be planted and
thousands of disciples to be made.
— Continue the SBC’s 178-year commitment to North
American missions.