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On behalf of the Pastor Search Committee, thank you so much to those of you who completed the Congregation Survey. We were blessed with 256 responses. We are using your input to create a Sr. Pastor Profile and a Church Profile to share with prospective Sr Pastors. These profiles will let them know what we are looking for in a Sr Pastor and what kind of church they can expect us to be. Here are a few of the top things we learned from the survey results: 

We value worship and are having worship experiences that impact our lives.

We are extremely hopeful about our future as a church.

We seek to know God and to make Him known.

We are passionate about loving and serving the community we live in.

We have a strong desire for unity within our church body.

We want to learn from our past so that God will bless our future.

We recognize we are not perfect and are seeking God’s help to grow us spiritually.

There were also a few things revealed about the kind of Sr Pastor we are looking for. Overwhelmingly, we said that he must boldly proclaim God’s Word. He should minister to all groups within our multi-generational church. He must be a humble servant of God. He should shepherd and care for those in need. Most importantly, he should be the man God chooses to lead us.