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Core Discovery Principles

These are the Core Discovery Principles developed by our ReFocus Vision Team after receiving feedback from interviews and conversations with church members: As a Church, we acknowledge the difficult experiences of the past and recognize the need for reconciliation...
Revitalization Update

Revitalization Update

We desire that all members stay informed about what we are doing in our Revitalization Process. The purpose of the Revitalization Process is to assess our church and restore its vibrancy, purpose, and health. As we stated in our June 16 email, this process has six...
ReFocus Advisory Team

ReFocus Advisory Team

Our Revitalization Vision Team had three prior meetings totaling about 13 hours of discovery of our church health and strength. The Team looked into many factors, observations, interviews, and statistics to uncover their findings. Today, the newly formed Advisory Team...
ReFocus Advisory Team

Revitalization Initiated

On June 19, 2022, First Baptist Church made the monumental decision to enter a season of Revitalization to help us discover and navigate the direction the Lord desires for our church. Over the next twelve to eighteen months, Dr. Rob Peters with Corpus will guide our...

Telephone Issues

We are currently experiencing problems with our telephone provider. If you are having problems calling the church office, please keep trying. You can text the church office at 833.811.0316 or email us directly. Staff Contact Directory
Grow  — Fall 2020 Evangel

Grow — Fall 2020 Evangel

Are We Growing? With the advent of COVID, so many things have changed for our church, but our mission and heartbeat have not changed. We are still committed to helping individuals have a relationship with God, grow in Christ’s likeness, serve with their gifts, and...