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Discipleship Newsletter

The Evangel focuses on the vision and mission of First Baptist and articles highlight our discipleship process of Come, Grow, Share.

Summer 2021

Winter/Spring 2021

In this edition of The Evangel, Pastor Cade explains the Come, Grow, Share Discipleship Process. Anthony Criswell, Worship and Music Pastor, discusses the importance of coming to worship and follow. Tom Farr highlights the growth available in small groups settings, and a list of ways to share ourselves and Christ with others is also included.

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Winter/Spring 2020

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  • It’s Your Serve…
    by Cade Farris Jennifer and I always taught our children to say, “Thank you,” whenever they receive a gift whether it was one they really […]
  • You Are Shaped to Serve
    You were created to serve God.1 God has uniquely created and shaped each individual for service in His kingdom. He created us with certain good […]
  • Jim Pendergraph
    Serving in the Kitchen & in the Community Jim Pendergraph starts his day with the following statement: “It’s not about me, but Him.” This philosophy […]
  • Melanie Traylor
    Serving Up Supper and a Song Although her preference is to serve in the background, many know Melanie Traylor’s face. That’s be-cause she has served […]
  • How a Servant ACTS
    A – Available God Servants are available, ready to go when called and ready to do what-ever is asked. Are you available? Can God call […]
  • Jana Kinnersley
    Serving Families and Children Serving others is not something Jana Kinnersley just does occasionally; it’s the family motto. The phrase “Love God and Serve Others” […]
  • Robby Cook
    Serving at the Sound Board Robby Cook enjoys people, yet prefers to serve behind the scenes. He can often be seen behind the sound system […]
  • How a Servant THINKS
    Service is a mindset, a way of thinking. Phil. 2:5 instructs us to have the same mind as Christ. In Phil. 2:7, we read that […]
  • What’s Your SHAPE?
    The SHAPE profile helps you discover how God has shaped you with Spiritual Gifts, Heart (passions), Abilities, Personality, and life Experiences. Complete the online SHAPE […]

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