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Women's Ministry

Jada Edwards

Join us for our women’s ministry spring event, An Evening with Jada Edwards. 

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Who we Are

The Women’s Ministry at First Baptist Church on the Square exists to help women deepen their relationship with Christ as they fellowship with one another. We lead women to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, to deepen their relationship with Him through prayer, to learn to apply God’s Word to guide their daily lives, and to utilize their giftedness for service.

We have titled our ministry DEVOTED from the passage 1 Kings 8:61, “Be wholeheartedly DEVOTED to the Lord our God to walk in his statutes and to keep his commands, as it is today.”

Devoted, to Christ and one another. 

Women’s Bible Studies

The mission of our women’s ministry is to Grow with Christ and One Another. There’s no better way to do that than studying God’s Word together. Digging deeper into what God wants us to learn allows us to not only learn more about Him, but we begin to open up and share with each other. It’s a safe place where our transparency provides opportunities to share and possibly help others, as well as make new friendships that can grow during your study together. 

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Lead a Bible Study

The most effective leader is the WILLING leader. The thought of leading can be daunting, but stepping out in faith to facilitate a bible study is not as challenging as it seems! All it takes is a willing heart and your time-GOD will provide you with what you need to fulfill His purpose by leading others in bible study. Team teaching is also a great idea!

If you’re interested but still not sure and would like to discuss with another leader, please fill out the form below called “Let’s chat.”

If you’re sure you want to lead, please fill out the form below called “I’m in!” 

Bible Study Leaders

If you are leading a Bible study, you will need to send in your study information. Let’s do this together! Making sure we have all of your study’s correct information helps us help you! Please fill out the following information about your study so we can assist with promotion and maintenance of the studies being offered.


Ladies we need to know!!! Please fill out the following survey so we will know how to better serve you. You will answer questions about bible studies, events, new activities, and what you would like to see offered. Our team will use all the results to continue to grow our ministry so that we can all continue to grow with Christ and one another! Thank you in advance!

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If you have any questions, please reach out to us.