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"Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate." Proverbs 31:31


Mom group for moms to be – Pre-k moms. We want this to be an educational and supportive environment for mamas; a place you can come to find a deeper sense of connection alongside other moms.


Wednesday Nights – Childcare Provided.

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Join the group

Each week we will gather to fellowship, pray for one another, eat some snacks, and talk about being a mom/soon-to-be mom. Some weeks we will have doctors/counselors as guest speakers to answer questions. We will have a CPR class for both mom and dad to attend. Once a month we will have mentor moms come in who have wisdom to share with us. We will go through some books together (there will not be any “homework”, we will discuss topics from books/podcasts/videos during the night while together). In the fall and spring, we will pick a 5-6 week Bible study to do. Some weeks we will simply craft together while we fellowship.

We would also love your ideas on topics, books, times to meet, crafts to do, etc. Click below.

Join Planning Team

The planning team for Eat, Pray, Mom will be made up of four to five ladies who would like to help maintain this group. We will meet once a month (or every other month) to plan out the upcoming month/season, reach out to guest speakers, come up with craft ideas, and pick topics to discuss. If you are interested in helping, please click below.

Mentor Mom

We would love to have a few moms who have older kids (meaning LOTS of mommy advice and wisdom) come fellowship with us soon-to-be moms/newer moms a few times a year. We’d like to partner a mentor mom with three to four soon-to-be/newer moms so you can build a deeper relationship with each of them. They can reach out to you if needed, go grab dinner together, ask for prayer or guidance, and more.

Guest Speakers

Navigating becoming a new mom and/or postpartum can be hard. We would love to have some medical professionals and counselors come in to speak with us and answer some questions we may have. If you’d like to volunteer for a night to come speak, please click below.