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Teacher/Leader Qualifications

Groups are the backbone of church ministry. Through groups we connect people with each other for Bible study, fellowship, accountability, and mission. Through groups we seek to achieve our purpose of making disciples who make more disciples. Most of our groups meet on Sunday mornings (Sunday School) and on Wednesday nights, although a Bible study group can meet at any time, anywhere. Those who desire to teach or lead a Bible study group are expected to meet certain qualifications:

  1. The Teacher/Leader must be born-again believer having accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  2. The Teacher/Leader is a member of First Baptist Church and participates in worship and fellowship at First Baptist Church.
  3. The Teacher/Leader supports First Baptist Church statement of faith without any reservation or addition.
  4. The Teacher/Leader is confident in his/her spiritual gifts and is committed to exercising them to train believers and make disciples.
  5. The Teacher/Leader understands the plan, purpose, and goal of group Bible study at First Baptist Church and is committed to pursuing them.
  6. The Teacher/Leader uses appropriate teaching methods and Bible teaching blueprints (curriculum) approved by the church.
  7. The Teacher/Leader informs the church ministry team of spiritual needs of individuals for prayer and spiritual support. The Teacher/Leader seeks guidance and support from the church ministry team for any need that helps the group be effective and successful.