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Guest Services Team

Parking and Sidewalk Teams

We are working to grow our parking lot and sidewalk teams. We want the first thing visitors see is a friendly face who can help them get to the right door. This will be on a monthly rotation and needs a friendly face and servant’s heart.


Our facility is big, has a lot of doors, and some confusing hallways. We need greeters to welcome people at the door as well as some who are willing to take someone to the right place. We are developing more teams and would love to add more volunteers. Most serve once a month. Some love serving and serve more than once a month. If you love people and love helping, we’d love for you to serve as a greeter.

Coffee Attendants

If you love the smell of coffee and the smiles it brings to others, we have a need for individuals to help set up our coffee stations before the services. If you want a behind-the-scenes position that others truly appreciate, we could use you here.

Sparkle Team

We would love to create a sparkle team that checks our entrances and sidewalks to make sure they are ready for early service and beyond. Sometimes storms come in on the weekend and leaves and twigs accumulate around steps or on mats or windows on the doors just need a quick touch-up. If you are an early bird and you like to help set the stage, we could use you here. We would love to have enough for a monthly rotation.